Seed Inventory Program Coverage Details

Eligible Area

All zones are eligible.


Limits available up to $5,000,000 USD

Eligible Products

  • Authorized Branded Seed Inventory
  • Shipment containers, where applicable

Premium Rate/Payment Per $1,000 of invoiced seed:

  • Tier 1: Up to $2,000,000 USD at a rate of $1.15 per $1,000 of invoiced seed.
  • Tier 2: Over $2,000,000 USD at a rate of $1.05 per $1,000 of invoiced seed.


  • Premium is automatically applied to dealer account.
  • Accounts must be settled by July 15

Policy Limits of Liability

  • $5,000,000 Maximum any one loss and any single location - subject to Dealers Certificate of Insurance
  • $2,000,000 Flood (except for Flood Zones A and its derivatives)
  • $250,000 Flood Zone A and its derivatives
  • $2,000,000 Inventory in wood frame, all wood-sided buildings. Does not apply to Metal exterior with Wood Frame (i.e.Pole Barn)
  • $300,000 Inventory in Transit
  • $250,000 Downstream Seed Treatment Chemicals
  • $500 Deductible any one loss; except
  • $25,000 Deductible – Flood Zone A and its derivatives

Policy Term

August 1st to August 1st - Auto-Renewed unless cancelled.


  • Applies to Covered Property while in the following situations:
  • In or on premises of authorized dealers
  • In the custody of a common carrier or motor vehicle including connecting carriers
  • In the custody of any railroad
  • In transit in, on or towed by any vehicle which you own, lease or operate
  • In transit between your premises(s) including authorized dealers to the purchaser

Insured Perils

Policy insures against “All Risk” of direct physical loss or subject to policy terms, conditions, and exclusions. Perils Include – Flood, Fire, Wind, Hail, Theft, Animal Damage, and Vehicle Collision/Overturn


Business Interruption, Loss of Market, Unexplained Loss, Inherent/Natural Spoilage, Misappropriation/Dishonesty, War and Nuclear Risks, Insects or Rodents, Product Failure, Fungi Limitation, and Terrorism


Seed sales based on invoice

Sub-Dealer Insurance Available

All Sub-Dealers of authorized and enrolled Dealers can participate in the programs.

  • Insurance terms and conditions are the same for enrolled Dealer and Sub-Dealers.
  • Please complete the Sub-Dealer section of the application.
  • Sub-Dealers enroll under dealer number of enrolled Dealer. A separate certificate will be sent to all enrolled Dealers showing all Sub-Dealers on the account.
  • Premiums are based on seed invoiced to enrolled Dealer and will continue to be billed to the enrolled Dealer. There is no insurance billing relationship between the Sub-Dealer and Hays Companies.
  • A loss at a Sub-Dealer location must be reported by the enrolled Dealer, and any loss payment will be made to the enrolled Dealer.